6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof
6+7 September
Arena Berlin
6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof

Dumme Jungs

“Losing it at night – black and blue in the morning” –that’s the mission statement of Berlin techno duo Dumme Jungs a.k.a. David Bwooi and Senior Carlos. Their live shows leave other DJ sets looking like a chill-out zone. They played to over 5,000 happy ravers at the Kassel Disco Festival. Gigs across Germany, Austria, Belgium and Poland followed. Extrovert to the extreme, every Dumme Jungs performance whips the audience into a frenzy. We’re not just talking two turntables and a mixer here. Welcome to the arena of headbanging and bruises aplenty. You’ll feel the after-effects in the morning.

Friday, Berlin Festival
Friday 20:30 – 21:30, Zippo Encore Stage @ Hangar 4