6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof
6+7 September
Arena Berlin
6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof

Get Well Soon

Konstantin Gropper has no intention to disguise his roots and influences whatsoever. Quite the contrary: he even pays tribute to his manifold musical, cinematic and literary references. The reason why Get Well Soon doesn’t disappear behind ubernames like Morricone, Radioehad, or Mancini is due to the fact that his references couldn’t be more diverse in genre. As a result, Gropper creates a unique sound, ranging from epic to folkloristic to experimental, which doesn’t bear comparison to anything contemporary out there at the moment. Get Well Soon will make his first appearance at Tempelhof Airport with his third album, The Scarlet Beast O’ Seven Heads.



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Friday, Berlin Festival
Friday 20:00 – 21:00, Pitchfork Stage @ Hangar 2