6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof
6+7 September
Arena Berlin
6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof

Maxim DJ-Set (The Prodigy)

The Prodigy frontman is taking to the decks this year to bring his legendary backstage sets to parties and gigs around the world. The Prodigy dressing rooms at festivals and arenas have been bouncing to Maxim’s mixes, and now there will be a few more thousand getting involved as he rocks it in his own unique style. Maxim said: "Been banging out tunes in the band’s dressing room for years, I thought it was time to take it out to the clubs, playing some tunes I’m into and having some fun."

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Friday, Club XBerg
Friday 05:00 – 06:15, Arena Mainstage