Our Art Village is expanding and taking over the entire airport this year. After the Art Village’s great success last year, 2014 will see even more art and installations, covering the entire festival site.

Airport Design & Fall of the Wall anniversary

And we’ve already found the first artists who will transform the airport into our Art Village: Becker-Schmitz will design the Yaam Yard stage. Berlin’s pop art icon, Jim Avignon, and the graffiti scene’s kings, 1UP, will take on the task of painting our Berlin Wall to honour the 25th anniversary of its fall. Hamburg-based Uwe Lewitzky will design all trash bins with his genius word art.

Poetry Saloon & Young Talents Prize

Wolf Hogekamp, grand master of German poetry slam, will, once again, host the Poetry Saloon with Sebastian Lehmann, Robin Isenberg, Marvin Weinstein, Nick Potter, Zoe Hagen, Max Gebhard, Markus Koehle, Noah Klaus, Felix Römer, Volker Surmann and Broca Areal performing. Our Young Talent Call will give up-and-coming artists the opportunity to showcase their works, convince our jury, and win the Young Talents Prize. The Paint Club will be on site, making graphic art into its battle ground.

Dance Arena & Art Market

As in 2013, the dance arena, the centre of our Art Village, will be taken over by Quiet in the Corner and other top-class dancers from urban to contemporary. Our Art Market will, of course, be part of the whole shebang as well, giving you the opportunity to buy handcrafted art at affordable prices.



Jan "Yaneq" Kage

For a decade, musician, author ("Yaneqdoten"), romantic as well as rationalist, Jan Kage, has been organising his party series Party Arty. Since 2011, he’s been the Art Village’s formidable curator.



Becker-Schmitz likes to do some experiments with space, objects and readymades, transforming and sublimating the banal character of all used media/material, like loam, plaster, wood, paint and site-specific environment and the exhibition space, as art-specific tools. Using loam or oil color to create an artwork is common and accepted. To accept the unaccepted and unexpected as art plays a major role in his installations.


Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon is a painter, illustrator and conceptual artist and one of the most unusual figures in the contemporary German art scene. His paintings are a mash-up of cartoonish figuration, expressionist composition and dominantly featured titles—always in line with the mantra »a maximum of expression with a minimum of lines«. You’ll most likely find him in rundown underground bars where he performs as »neoangin«–notorious lo-fi electronic shows somewhere in between funny and subversive.



1UP is a Kreuzberg-based graffiti crew which was founded by three friends right in front of Kaiser’s at Kottbusser Tor in 2003. A decade later, 1UP is an artist collective comprised of a myriad of talented boys and girls. At 1UP, no single artist stands out. It’s all about crew love and family business. ONE UNITED POWER!

Uwe Lewitzky

Lives and works…


Ziska Riemann

Born in 1973, Ziska now works as a comic artist, screenplay writer and director. Since 1991, she’s been publishing comic albums on a regular basis; four of them in collaboration with Gerhard Seyfried. Apart from several short films, she directed the feature film »Lollipop Monster«.



KLUB7 – a 15 year old, Berlin-based, art collective focused on collaborative mural and illustration making. They regularly creates intricate chalk installations on sidewalks in public spaces, drawing on their common vocabulary of hand-painted symbols, characters, and lettering. Their aesthetic is also readily applied on various surfaces. They making murals, customizations and illustrations throughout the world. KLUB7 likes to live in the moment and create collectively their trademark style that combines the diverse backgrounds of the six members. With the resulting large work revealing itself in the process.


Wolf Hogekamp

Germany’s poetry slam scene would be a different one without Wolf Hogekamp to say the least. Since 1994, he’s been promoting the oldest poetry slam events in Berlin. He organises championships, releases DVDs and travelled the US at the Goethe Institut’s invitation to promote German poetry slam culture across the pond.


Paint Club

The Paint Club is a globally unique international network of illustrators, graphic designers, comic and street artists, merging highly creative performance, authentic art contest and emotional feedback from an open-minded audience. Founded in 2010, entering marker battle events by the PAINT CLUB give illustrators, graphic designers, comic and street artists the chance to present their spontaneous talents. In a team of two, artists „fight“ on one canvas, under a given topic, acrylic markers, spraycans and limited time.


Quiet In The Corner

Quiet In The Corner is a project-based dance group comprised of Laura Bächer, Franka Marlene Foth, Nuria Höyng and Katariina Tuomiluoma. Even though, all four are influenced by many different styles, it’s their passion for dance, movement and music that unites them. Their goal is to make an artistic expression through body movements.



The World is so dark, let it sparkle! GLITZERKLUB – A female Artist Collective, born to let the world glister. We reach for the stars and bomb around its dust wherever we want. But at most we like to let the glitter shine in your heart!




Marisa Akeny

Marisa Akeny has been dancing and choreographing for Laing since 2008. Her roots lie in break dancing and popping, yet she includes everything she loves in her dance moves. At the Berlin Festival, she’ll be roller dancing for the first time!