Art Village Prize 2015

Our Art Village jury, comprised of Berlin Festival organisers Fruzsina Szép and Melvin Benn, gathered on Sunday to choose the three winners out of 40 participating artists. It wasn’t an easy job because, in the end, everyone who contributed made this year’s Art Village so incredibly special.

The winners are:

  1. Max Matreal and Ferninand von Noledsch a.k.a. Fleißverband »NICHDOCH« with their wishing machine, presented by actors Dörte Manzke and Jens Krassnig.
  2. Nomad, who painted African masks (one laughing, one angry) on the walls of Arena Park.
  3. Karsten Konrad and his bike assemblage/shadow drawings at Arena.

You can find pictures of all winners and other Art Village participants on Just‘s website.