Gregor Sch., Clé & Eva Be (DE) | Berlin Festival


Gregor Sch., Clé & Eva Be (DE)

Saturday, Glashaus 22:20 – 22:40

Saturday, Glashaus 23:00 – 23:30

Saturday, Glashaus 23:50 – 00:10


Traditionally a DJ, playing at some of the most revered parties in Berlin in the early nineties like Planet, Tresor, WMF and E-Werk, Clé proved that presenting his interpretation of this music to an audience was something of a natural calling. All his releases on Poker Flat, alongside productions with his longterm music partner Mike Vamp, as Märtini Brös or with Steve Bug, all carry a distinctive Tech Funk sound which is a perfect mixture of old and new, a hybrid of years of experience, coupled with a constant playfulness and curiosity.