The Berlin-based design label processes delicate materials with a history and make them contemporary. Apfelsina offers a variety of original bags, belts, t-shirts and other accessories. All items are crafted and designed individually by sheltered workshops in Berlin. All products are available in selected stores and via www.apfelsina.de .



Candyfloss is a young Leipzig-based fashion label. In the early days, they were printing merchandise for bands. Today, the creative label designs t-shirts, cotton bags, back packs, hats and fridge magnets. All shirts are certified, sustainable and fair trade. All silkscreen products are crafted and designed in Leipzig.



Narren-Schein-Schmuck… Verknüpft is Cordula and Josefina Thonett’s brainchild. With exclusively handcrafted jewellery, the duo will come to Arena Park. With colourful pearls, necklaces, earrings and so much more, Cordula (puppeteer and puppetbuilder by profession) will mainly offer pieces that react to sunlight. Some of these products have been beautifully knotted by Josefina, who is known for working semiprecious stones into fanciful macrame necklaces, bracelets or earrings. A colourful selection that you don’t want to miss.



After intensive research and material studies, Elicamente was founded by Gabriele Di Stefano in 2010. Since its inception, she deals with the relationship of humankind and nature. It is her goal to connect nature’s patterns and forms with human structures. Using ceramics, brass and a selection of premium woods like mahagony, tulipwood or oak as well as photography, all her products are handcrafted. Little irregularities in surface, shape or size are, therefore, no flaws but an expression of naturalness.



Inlace Jewelry is Stefanie Mittmann’s Berlin-based fashion label which focusses on handcrafted necklaces made from bobbin lace. All necklaces are unique and can be crafted according to the customer’s individual taste. Pattern, colour and size are adjustable.



Noggad (adj.) [no:ggàd] (Bavarian „naked“); playful, free, childish. To be »noggad« means to feel good in one’s own body, to be at peace with oneself and one’s environment. That’s why Noggad is all about respect and justice in terms of organic products, fair trade and ecological decisions. To keep this childlike life awareness as an adult is a piece of work. That’s why his jewellery and clothing are supposed to be nothing but fun.



Serigraffeur is a gallery and shop for prints in Friedrichshain offering a large collection of prints like posters or handcrafted books. Their collection has grown through these events to a large selection of prints, which started with a core of silkscreen artists living in Berlin and now includes international artists and different printing techniques.