6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof
6+7 September
Arena Berlin
6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof

Berlin Festival’s Art Village will be even more colourful with more installations and an even more diverse art display than in previous years. Above all, it will do its name justice in 2013 by becoming more of a village than ever before. Airport Tempelhof will see a church emerge in between the hangars, a pub, a circus tent for poets, a market square, a dance arena as well as a swimming pool equipped with a sauna. The Art Village is a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ with every installation contributing its own, unique vision of art.

Church of Phonk

Curator Jan Kage a.k.a Berlin’s Party Arty dictator, Yaneq, invited Various & Gold to design the church windows. Nomad, on the other hand, will paint the altarpiece, Christoph Krönke will design the 100 sqm ceiling fresco, Maike Gräf will contribute sculptures to the project, Stohead will tend to the inscriptions, Il-Jin Atem Choi will design the church’s facade, Poet will add to its appearance by contributing a graffiti mural, Johannes Buss will design Yaneq’s cassock, who will then give a sermon via Hendrick van Meckenem‘s video installation. In a world in which no one believes in the existence of Gods anymore, art is the last resort for transcendency.

Village Pub + Market Place

Next to every church, you will most definitely find a pub. Our pub, "Barkowski", will be designed by 44 Flavours using old wood, window frames and other ‘useless’ findings. Bosso Fataka, Berlin’s very own ‘Christo and Jeanne-Claude’-style street artists, will take over the market square, wrapping chairs, sofas and armchairs they found in the streets with clingfilm.

At the Kunst-Stoffe Berlin e.V booth, you can, once again, design your own bag out of video tapes, zippers and other materials.

Poetry Saloon, Motor Salon and more

Like in 2012, the poetry saloon will be hosted by Wolf Hogekamp, one of the German poetry slam scene’s greats, Andy Strauß, Malte Roßkopf, Beatpoeten, Ellen Deckwitz, Lars Ruppel, Sulaiman Masomi, Max Gebhard, Felix Römer, Tilman Birr, Marvin Weinstein, Renates beklemmender Literatursalon, Broca Areal, DJ Ernesto Liniares (Bunga Bunga), Gabriel Vetter (CH), Dalibor, Ellen Deckwitz (Niederlande), Temye Tesfu, Robinson SOLO (Republik Kongo), Toby Hoffmann and many more. Marcus Sendlinger will bring his Motor Salon to Tempelhof. At the art market, artists will offer their creations. Quiet In The Corner, who won the jury’s special prize for their dance performance last year, will invite you to the dance place, which will turn into the Leise Disco at night.


Young Talents Call

Once again, you’ll have the chance to participate in our Art Village. You can paint, spray and glue the hell out of three canvases and present it to the festival crowd. Afterwards, your works will be posted on our Art Village website, and you’ll receive an extra festival ticket for your assistant or your best friend. Application deadline was 23rd August. Now we can announce the lucky winners.

Welcome to the Art Village @ Berlin Festival: Zarah Luengo, mina, Mr Galle (STYROPORNO), NARTUR Kunstgruppe, Anna Louisa Wolff, Midorino Kodomo, Anopsy, Eva G. Alonso, Sophia Abderrazak, Kim Köster and FLOCKE//ART.

Art Market Open Call

Once again, you can participate in our art market by offering your very own products (up to EUR 50 a piece, affordable to all festivalgoers). The Art Village team picked the ten best from all submissions who will get their very own booth at the airport.

Supporting Festsaal Kreuzberg

On Sunday morning, 21st July, Festsaal Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s favourite concert venues, was almost completely destroyed by a fire. What now? On 6th and 7th September, the Festsaal team will answer all your questions at Tempelhof Airport. You will be able to donate and get something out of it, too. How does that work? Simply find out by paying a visit to their booth at the Art Village.

Art Prize

Once again, participating artists have the chance to win prizes worth EUR 1,000, EUR 500 and EUR 250 for the best art project. The Young Talents Call will also be continued where artists, who haven’t been established yet, can contribute a concept for a mural/wall design.



Jan "Yaneq" Kage

For a decade, musician, author ("Yaneqdoten"), romantic as well as rationalist, Jan Kage, has been organising his party series Party Arty. Since 2011, he’s been the Art Village’s formidable curator.


Maike Gräf

Her figurative wooden sculptures are in the spectrum of current art quite unique. In them connects a very contemporary picture of the human underlaid by reflection from the drawing world of comics, Street Art and computer games matched by a thousands of years old artistic skill. And all of that with just the help of a primitive chainsaw.



Various & Gould

Mutual interests like their love for paper, the enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life, collaborations with artist-friends and above all working in the public space are the basis for their teamwork. Screen printing and collages are their speciality and form the center of their corporate creation. Serious themes like work, migration, (sexual) identity, financial crisis are being dealt with in a playful, intuitive way.



Johannes Buss

He studied in the Netherlands, in Canada, and worked as an artist in Johannesburg and Rotterdam. His art is a mixture of images, objects and text, which he extracts from their original context to arrange them anew in installations objects and portraits. Apart from being an independent artist, he also works together with musicians, stage designers and fashion designers.


Christoph Krönke

Christoph Krönke lives, works and gets inspired in Neukölln, Berlin. He paints in watercolours, letting the colours bleed, making them look like graffiti. His art can be seen as a fictional reality. In his last project, for example, is a rare sight: boys of Neukölln riding ponies.



The puristic form of graffiti, tagging and throw ups is a form of contemporary calligraphy for Stohead. His main interest are street codes. His latest works are martial typographic text patterns of lyrics by rap actors and punk rock bands he grew up with. Since 2006 Stohead lives and works in Berlin.



Nomad is on of the most well-know street artists in Europe! His work is in in great demand by collectors worldwide. If you know Berlin, you know Nomad! Tens of thousands of objects he painted in public spaces, being a favourite amongst art collectors. He exitibted his art together with Banksy and tagged a hotel roof in Los Angeles together with Ashton Kutcher. In the meantime, he’s become a promoter combining events with his art.


Graffiti artist Poet is part of the GFA crew. The various walls of Berlin are his true home. In 1990, when he was 17, he already won the ‘Berlin Graffiti Championship’. What makes him special is his innovative imagination when comes to writing. You can even hang his writings in your living room since Poet also sells his art printed on canvasses.



The Berlin-based DJ and producer started his hip hop project ‘Mellobag’ in the 90s. Together with Freundeskreis and Gentleman, he released his most successful single, “Tabula Rasa”. He remixed Brothers Keepers and went on tour as a DJ supporting Busta Rhymes and Grandmaster Flash. Since then, he’s been on an never-ending club crawl in Berlin.



44flavours is an art collective based in Kreuzberg, Berlin consisting of Sebastian Bagge and Julio Rölle. Their work showcases a high level of knowledge of the diverse fields of art, by incorporating and rearranging them to bring their own visions.



KLUB7 – a 15 year old, Berlin-based, art collective focused on collaborative mural and illustration making. They regularly creates intricate chalk installations on sidewalks in public spaces, drawing on their common vocabulary of hand-painted symbols, characters, and lettering. Their aesthetic is also readily applied on various surfaces. They making murals, customizations and illustrations throughout the world. KLUB7 likes to live in the moment and create collectively their trademark style that combines the diverse backgrounds of the six members. With the resulting large work revealing itself in the process.


Wolf Hogekamp

Germany’s poetry slam scene would be a different one without Wolf Hogekamp to say the least. Since 1994, he’s been promoting the oldest poetry slam events in Berlin. He organises championships, releases DVDs and travelled the US at the Goethe Institut’s invitation to promote German poetry slam culture across the pond.


Bosso Fataka

Many might have stumbled across the street artists Bosso Fataka in Berlin – bulky refuse covered in clingfilm to be exact. Mattresses, furniture or shopping carts, Bossa Fataka take on all the rubbish in the streets, wrap them in multiple layers of clingfilm and attach them to lampposts and such, creating installations that are hard to miss.



1UP is a Kreuzberg-based graffiti crew which was founded by three friends right in front of Kaiser’s at Kottbusser Tor in 2003. A decade later, 1UP is an artist collective comprised of a myriad of talented boys and girls. At 1UP, no single artist stands out. It’s all about crew love and family business. ONE UNITED POWER!

Marcus Sendlinger

In Marcus Sendlinger’s work, it is most evident that everything he does builds upon his previous art. He mixes his subjective everyday observations with quotes from art history. Thereby he doesn’t distinguish between the ‘abstract’ or the ‘figurative’. Enhancing his works with ‘real imagery’ and ‘finds’ can be found in all his works. At this year’s Art Village, he’ll present us with his Motor Salon.


Quiet In The Corner

Quiet In The Corner is a project-based dance group comprised of Laura Bächer, Franka Marlene Foth, Nuria Höyng and Katariina Tuomiluoma. Even though, all four are influenced by many different styles, it’s their passion for dance, movement and music that unites them. Their goal is to make an artistic expression through body movements.



What’s at the beginning? A sound, a feeling or an idea? Does the body tame the music or is it the other way round? Where does our urge to move our bodies to the sound of music come from? Stella Caric is a dancer, a choreograph and a lecturer. Her studio, motion*s at Moritzplatz in the heart of Kreuzberg, is a magnet for dancing in Berlin.


Il-Jin Atem Choi

Artist and Graffitist. His drawings explore the possibility of creating special dimensions using individual lines. Within the public space, Il-Jin Atem Choi’s works range from subtle interventions – like the application of white paint onto the leaves of an ivy plant – to large format wall-drawings in luminous colors.


Filimatou Lim & Chris Viol

Opposites attract. How difficult it is to keep the balance between two poles is part of Filimatou Lim and Chris Viol’s dance performance. The barrier between to divided world is broken down to find balance and stability. Through the means of contemporary dance, they interpret and explore this area of tension anew.

Evelin Höhne

Evelin Höhne has been painting in every colour imaginable since forever. To this day, she’s painted 2000+ portraits which she exhibited in 200+ galleries, museums, Japanese tea rooms, discos and so on… At Berlin Festival, she’ll paint portraits live on 7th September!

Marcus Wittmers

When kids grow old, they start to feel a certain pain. That’s the loss of innocence. Marucs Wittmers has been a grown-up for quite some time. If you talk to him, however, you instantly notice that he’s still holding on to his innocence. Even more importantly, he figured out that life’s just shit without playing. That’s why he’s playing: Tetris on his phone or trying to understand sculptures. He builds, mends, glues, writes childish epitaphs, lets Superman crash or runs over cats with a car.

VIP Area Special: Axel Anklam

At the Professional Area, Axel Anklam will show his spectacular sculptures. Check out the following interview to find out more about his works.



For a performance at Berlin Festival, actor and performer Marc Philipps brought together the performance group << ART VANDELAY >>. Working closely with Christina Dimopoulou, who’ll be responsible for costume and design, the hangars and the Art Village will be turned upside down under the banner of cc: creative camping. The installation’s core is the festivalgoer, who’ll be subject to continuous movements, shapes and campaigns reminiscent of today’s overstimulation.


Sir Iwan is our father in spirit. He invites friends from all over the world to his home for a talk, looking for beauty, looking for the finest. And you will find it. here and now at the Art Village at Berlin Festival. Your Sir Iwan & his circle



MR GALLE from Berlin and M.I.C. from Holland – two artists rooted in the art of Graffiti. It’s not the usual stuff, though. They glue, spray, paint, roll, stamp, saw and build with paintings emerging mixing photo realism with letters, colour, form and structure. Always without a concept – form their heads straight onto the wall!

Both are part of the artist group, STYROPORNO, and love to cross genre boundaries for a living.


The paintings explore topics on the physics of the universe: including the birth and death of the universe, dark matter, the first law of thermodynamics, the smallest particles in the universe, the inner life of quarks and entropy. To enter the exhibition is to become a planet entering a new universe. Interact with the paintings as your internal gravity changes the lighting in each work based on your movements, and explore the mysteries of the universe.


The world is bleak enough, let’s get the glitter out! GLITZERKLUB is an artist group born to make the world sparkle. Festivals, wild parties and the darkest clubs are their targets – your hearts especially.