Tickets/wristband exchange
If the event is cancelled before it begins, there can only be a claim for the face value of the ticket. A claim for damages beyond that will not exist.

The event will take place in the case of every weather situation as long as the promoter can be responsible for the circumstances of the weather. If there is a possibility of danger to the body or health occurring, the event will be interrupted immediately. In this case, there is no automatic refund or claim for damages.

Opening hours: Friday, 10pm–Sunday, 10pm (nonstop)


Consideration/Rights of the location/decisional authority
So that the festival visit is a great experience with lasting memories, we would ask that all festival visitors be tolerant, considerate, have moral courage and to help in the case of emergencies. The rights of the location remain for the complete duration of the festival with the festival organisers and their delegated third parties. The instructions of the security company of the promoter are to be obeyed.

People who wear clothing with dehumanizing, homophobic or right-wing extremist backgrounds will not be allowed into the venue and won’t receive a refund. People who are in the location who express the above opinions, will be asked to leave the location without a refund.


First aid
Medical services will be available at the festival and will take care of you when needed. There will be signs. If you are a diabetic, please bring enough insulin with you and please ensure that you eat appropriately at the food stands. You and your friends should investigate where the medical services are in advance in case you find yourself in an emergency.


The festival visitor should avoid any damage to their ear or to their health so we would recommend that earplugs be used. They can be found at the Festival Guide stand.


Wheelchair users and people with disabilities
A person accompanying a handicapped visitor will receive free entry but only with pre-registration. Not all areas are suitable for handicapped people or wheelchairs. We would ask you for your understanding. Handicapped accessible toilets are available.


Drinks and food
It is not allowed to bring glass containers, plastic bottles, PET bottles, cans or food and cooler bags to the festival site.

Heavy containers, torches, pyrotechnical devices, sparklers, weapons of any kind and other dangerous objects are not allowed at the festival site.


Protection of minors and youths
Laws on the protection of Minors in public are apply on the festival site. The regulations on serving and consuming alcoholic drinks and tobacco also apply on the complete festival site. Please find further info in our general terms and conditions.


Photography, audio and video recording
It is permitted to take photos with your mobile phone as well as compact cameras in a private capacity. Cameras that are obviously not used in a private capacity (in terms of size and type) are not permitted. Professional audio and video recording of the artists is prohibited. Generally all types of recordings without the explicit permission of the promoter or of any artist are forbidden and the publicity of such recordings online or offline will be dealt with a penalty.


Changes to the programme
If all relevant events, which are entailed in the puchased ticket, are cancelled in advance, you are entitled to a refund (excluding booking fees).

Berlin Festival will be held regardless of the weather conditions. Should these weather conditions, however, be a danger to life and health of visitors, artists or staff, Berlin Festival will be cancelled. If Berlin Festival or Club Xberg has to be cancelled to to an act of nature, authoratitve measures or legal directives, you have no right to a refund – only in case of an act of gross negligence on behalf of the organisers.

Your ticket entitles you to see numerous concerts and events. In case of changes to the programme, cancelled club shows or venues, visitors have no right to a refund – as long as these changes stay within reason. Changes to the programme will be announced on the festival’s website.


Sound and image acquisition by the promoter
By entering the festival site, the festival visitor willingly and irrevocably allows the nonpaid use of his image or voice for photography, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or records from images and/or sound, which the promoter or their delegated parties compile in connection to the festival as well as their subsequent use in all current and future media (especially in the form of sounds and image carriers as well as digital circulation, for example, via the internet).


Lost and found
Lost items can be handed in at the info point. Items, which are not collected, will be delivered to the lost and found office Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg (Frankfurter Allee 35/37, 10247 Berlin)



ATMs and lockers provided by Carderobe are located near the entrance on Eichenstraße. Prices per day: EUR 5, XL sized/EUR 3, M sized.


Please respect the environment and use the available rubbish bins!


Animals are not allowed onto the festival site.


Forbidden objects
It is forbidden to bring any weapons, explosives or torches. The non-observance of this will result in removal from the festival site.

All our general terms and conditions are listed here.