Art Village 2014

Our Art Village is expanding and taking over the entire airport this year.

After the Art Village’s great success last year, 2014 will see even more art and installations, covering the entire festival site.

And we’ve already found the first artists who will transform the airport into our Art Village: Becker-Schmitz will design the Yaam Yard stage. Berlin’s pop art icon, Jim Avignon, and the graffiti scene’s kings, 1UP, will take on the task of painting our Berlin Wall to honour the 25th anniversary of its fall. Hamburg-based Uwe Lewitzky will design all trash bins with his genius word art. Comic artist, Ziska, will create an area map, showing all the diverse and detailed parts of our festival site. The uber-charming art team, Klub7, will bring loads of chalk to Tempelhof Airport.

Wolf Hogekamp, grand master of German poetry slam, will, once again, host the Poetry Saloon. Our Young Talent Call will give up-and-coming artists the opportunity to showcase their works, convince our jury, and win the Young Talents Prize. The Paint Club will be on site, making graphic art into its battle ground. Like last year, the dance arena, the centre of our Art Village, will be taken over by Quiet in the Corner and other top-class dancers from urban to contemporary. Our Art Market will, of course, be part of the whole shebang as well, giving you the opportunity to buy handcrafted art at affordable prices.

You want more? You’ll get it! Very soon, we’ll reveal who’s gonna run our BarKowski, we’ll introduce our Transformer and our Hospital of Ghosts, in which you can relax between raves and gigs. It’s gonna be a blast!

Once again, Party Arty mastermind, Radio Arty presenter and Schau Fenster curator, Yaneq a.k.a. Jan Kage will act as the Art Village’s curator. Find out about all our artists here.