Berlin Festival 2014

We embrace our hometown and cut prices for the event which takes place for 48 hours nonstop from 5th to 7th September.

Berlin is changing. Of course, this doesn’t pass us by without any effect. Yet, the one constant which we have always loved about Berlin – and still do – is the feeling of freedom you have. You can do whatever you want or simply don’t do what you don’t want. Even today, it’s still possible to find places in which you can experience this freedom.

We want to create a festival for Berlin, for Berliners and for all its visitors, who love Berlin for what it is unconditionally. That’s why we decided to permanently lower the price of our 2-day ticket to EUR 79 to make party madness just a little more affordable to all of you. On top, we want to thank our longterm festivalgoers with loyalty tickets for 74 EUR.

For us, Berlin Festival is part of Berlin. We want to support and represent the German capital’s music and club scene. No nightly bus shuttle trips, no separation of concerts during the day and club feeling by night. Instead we give you 48 hours of music nonstop. We work very closely with Berlin-based clubs and labels, giving them the opportunity to shape Berlin Festival with their own unique floors and areas. On the culinary front, local heroes will take over Tempelhof Airport as well as well as Berlin’s trademark food stalls, restaurants and bars. We also decided against adding some uber-headliner to the line-up in favour of a more diverse line-up of exciting bands in which we truly believe.

Berlin is a city like no other. We want to create a festival that is like no other. In the following weeks, we will give you more details on who will be participating at this year’s Berlin Festival.

Berlin Festival is a partner of the Berlin Music Week which takes place from 3rd to 7th September 2014. For further information, check out