6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof
6+7 September
Arena Berlin
6+7 September Flughafen Tempelhof

Art Village 2013

Church of Phonk, Poetry Saloon, Village Pub, Doghouse and so much more at Tempelhof Airport

Berlin Festival’s Art Village will be even more colourful with more installations and an even more diverse art display than in previous years. Above all, it will do its name justice in 2013 by becoming more of a village than ever before. Airport Tempelhof will see a church emerge in between the hangars, a pub, a circus tent for poets, a market square, a dance arena as well as a swimming pool equipped with a sauna. The Art Village is a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ with every installation contributing its own, unique vision of art.

Church of Phonk
Curator Jan Kage a.k.a Berlin’s Party Arty dictator, Yaneq, invited Various & Gold to design the church windows. Nomad, on the other hand, will paint the altarpiece, Christoph Krönke will design the 100 sqm ceiling fresco, Maike Gräf will contribute sculptures to the project, Stohead will tend to the inscriptions, Christian Awe will design the church’s facade, Poet will add to its appearance by contributing a graffiti mural, Johannes Buss will design Yaneq’s cassock, who will then give a sermon via Hendrick van Meckenem‘s video installation. In a world in which no one believes in the existence of Gods anymore, art is the last resort for transcendency.

Village Pub + Market Place
Next to every church, you will most definitely find a pub. Our pub will be designed by 44Flavours using old wood, window frames and other ‘useless’ findings. Bosso Fataka, Berlin’s very own ‘Christo and Jeanne-Claude’-style street artists, will take over the market square, wrapping chairs, sofas and armchairs they found in the streets with clingfilm. Daniel Chlubba contributes his Dixiecuzzi – a pool made out of two transformed upside-down portaloos (intensely cleaned, of course) – as a diving basin next to the sauna, which will be installed in a discarded fire engine.

Poetry Saloon, Doghouse and more
Like in 2012, the poetry saloon will be hosted by Wolf Hogekamp, one of the German poetry slam scene’s greats. Anique Weve from Rotterdam will be erecting her doghouse; a small hut to act as the smallest club of the festival including music and free beer, suitable for eight guests only. At the art market, artists will offer their creations. Quiet In The Corner, who won the jury’s special prize for their dance performance last year, will invite you to the dance arena, which will turn into the Silent Arena at night. KLUB 7 will be designing all Art Village signposts.

Art Prize
Once again, participating artists have the chance to win prizes worth EUR 1,000, EUR 500 and EUR 250 for the best art project. The Young Talents Call will also be continued where artists, who haven’t been established yet, can contribute a concept for a mural/wall design.

To find out more about all our participating artists, check out the following link.