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General Terms And Conditions

The general term and conditions below are only for understanding. Only the german version of the general terms and conditions of business is legally binding.


1. Admission shall be by valid admission ticket only. Resale of purchased admission tickets is strictly prohibited. The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to a festival visitor for good cause, in which case the visitor shall only have the right to a refund of the nominal value of the admission ticket, unless the refusal of admission for good cause is attributable to the festival visitor personally. Any compensation claim going beyond this shall be excluded, unless the promoter acts with gross negligence or intent. Admission to the festival site shall only be permitted with a so-called visitor’s wristband. Visitors shall receive a visitor’s wristband in exchange for a valid admission ticket at the wristband exchange points shown on the site map.

2. If the event is cancelled before it begins, only a claim to a refund of the nominal value of the admission ticket shall obtain. The event may be cancelled up to its commencement without giving reasons. Any compensation claim going beyond this shall not obtain. The event shall take place in any weather conditions, as long as the promoter can take responsibility for those conditions. Should there be a danger to the body or health because of the weather conditions, the event shall be immediately abandoned. In such a situation or if the event is abandoned for other reasons of force majeure, because of an official directive or court decision, if festival visitors are endangered through the misconduct of others or due to possible escalation from excessive gatherings of people, no refund or compensation claim shall obtain unless the promoter can be charged with intent or gross negligence. 2a. For safety reasons, the promoter reserves the right to limit access to areas of the festival site, such as stages, because of overcrowding. No compensation claims shall result from this, since precise planning of visitor flows is not possible.

3. Festival visitors are aware that music festivals represent an environment with a high noise level. The festival promoter shall take the necessary precautions to prevent lasting damage to hearing or health. Nonetheless, festival visitors are urgently advised to use earplugs to protect them against any damage to hearing or health. These will be available at every merchandising stand as well as at the emergency services. Attendance at the event is therefore at your own risk. Any liability of the promoter for damage to hearing or health that may occur due to lack of precautions is therefore excluded, unless the promoter acts with gross negligence or intent.

4. Any compensation claims against the promoter on grounds of negligence are excluded. This also applies to its legal representatives or vicarious agents. This provision shall not apply to damage due to injury to the body, life or health or in the event of gross negligence or intent by the promoter (except for No. 2) or due to the violation of fundamental contractual obligations, although in these cases the compensation claim shall be limited to compensation for foreseeable, typical damage. More far-reaching liabilities are excluded.

5. It is prohibited to bring glass containers of any sort, canisters, plastic bottles, PET bottles, cans and/or other drinks containers, one’s own food, hard packaging, cooler bags, other heavy containers, flambeaus, pyrotechnical objects, weapons of any sort or any other dangerous objects onto the event site. Non-alcoholic drinks in tetra packs up to 1.5 litres may be brought in. A security control shall take place at the entry gate. The security service shall be instructed to carry out a body search. By purchasing a ticket the visitor makes a declaration of consent to this. Violation of legal regulations or these provisions may result in expulsion from the event site, in which case a refund and compensation shall be excluded unless the promoter can itself be charged with gross negligence or intent.

6. Photography for private use is permitted in principle. Only compact cameras, simple reflex cameras and mobile phones with a camera function are allowed on the site. Cameras with zoom lenses or with a video function as well as recording devices (MP3/MP4 recorders, dictation machines etc.) of any sort are not permitted. In general, live recordings of any sort without the explicit permission of the promoter or an artist are prohibited and the publication of such recordings will be subject to criminal prosecution. Sound and video recordings are allowed on the campsite.

7. The promoter reserves the right to change the place and/or time of the event, provided that this is reasonable for the visitors and is announced one week before the beginning of the event. It also reserves the right to change the programme. Cancellation or changes shall be announced by the promoter as soon as possible and may also occur, for good cause, after the commencement of the festival. Changes during the festival shall be announced on the screens and through notices. No claims of any sort on the part of the festival visitor may be derived from this, unless the promoter acts with gross negligence or intent.

8. If visitors are granted the right to park their vehicle on the festival site, this shall be at their own risk. The promoter accepts no liability for any damage or theft, unless it can be charged with intent or gross negligence.

9. The promoter shall not be liable for lost or stolen items.

10. Any commercial activity on the part of the festival visitor is prohibited without the prior written consent of the promoter.

11. The promoter or delegated third parties shall exercise authority over the entire festival site as to who is allowed to remain on the site and who must leave it

12. “Stage diving”, “crowd surfing”, “pogoing” or climbing onto the stage, trusses or similar are strictly prohibited. Such misconduct may lead to exclusion from the event.

13. Protection of young people

13.1. The provisions of the Act on the Protection of Young People in Public Life (Gesetz zum Schutz der Jugend in der Öffentlichkeit) apply on the festival site.

13.2. Children under seven years of age are not permitted to enter the festival site.

13.3. Children and young people aged 8 to 17 inclusively shall only have access to the open air event in the company of a custodial person or person with parental power. A person with parental power is any person over 18 years of age who permanently or temporarily handles parental responsibilities based on an agreement with the custodial person or cares for a child or young person in the context of education or youth welfare (Article 1.1 No. 4 of the German Act on the Protection of Children and Young People (Jugendschutzgesetz).

13.4. Persons with parental power must carry written proof of their having been entrusted with the care of the child or young person and produce a copy of the identification document of the custodial person on demand. Download form here.

14. For the organizer is the compliance with the applicable data protection legislation in the context of the personalization of the ticket a matter of course. The organizer uses the data in the context of the statutory provisions for the implementation of the contract. The customer can disagree on the using or transfering of its data contradicting to the purpose of market or attitude researching by the organizer at any time. If the customer wishes to object to this use of his statements as a whole, he just needs to notify at:

Berlin Festival GmbH & Co. KG
Pfuelstr. 5
10997 Berlin

[email protected]

15. Animals may not be brought onto the festival site.

16. Drinks shall only be dispensed on the festival site in plastic cups, for which a deposit shall be charged.

17. By entering the festival site, festival visitors irrevocably consent to gratuitous use of their image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, transmissions and/or recordings of images and/or sound created by the promoter or its representatives in connection with the event, as well as their subsequent use in all present and future media (such as, in particular, in the form of audio or image carriers as well as digital dissemination, e.g. over the Internet).

18. The buyer may not use his warranty for access as a prize in a contest or competition or other promotional purposes. The cards are personalized. The personalization is carried on the bottom on the festival site provided by the organizer and must go through this. The admission ticket is transferable to third parties only under the following conditions: The third parties must not be used as a prize in a contest or competition or advertising purposes and will undertake all the rights and obligations arising from the event attendance contract – including the resale ban. The organizer provides a resale platform – free of charge – to the buyer.

19. Insofar as legally permissible, Berlin is agreed as the place of jurisdiction for all disputes on a contractual or statutory basis. German law applies.

20. Should a clause be ineffective, the other clauses shall not be affected by this. Statutory provisions shall apply instead of ineffective clauses.