Jeans Team (Louisville)

The Jeans Team story started in 1995 with the duo Franz Schütte and Reimo Herfort. Their first public performance took place at the Galerie Berlin Tokyo (a now defunct club space which was founded by the band). At this show Reimo and Franz were playing to a pre-produced video in which they themselves performed as their own backing band. The 45 minute video named "BABY" (1996) then became the first release for the Jeans Team. In 1997 the duo was joined by Gunther Kreis and Henning Watkinson, which turned the band into a full-on live outfit. The neon sign that inspired their name has been taken off a corner store in Berlin Wedding, and illuminates the boys live shows ever since. After successful releases on Kitty-Yo and the bands own Nadel Eins Label, the hit single "Keine Melodien" and extensive touring all over Europe, the band just recently released their latest album "Musik von oben" on the new Berlin label "Louisville Records".

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Cobra Kiler (Monika Enterprise)

Gina V. D’Orio and Annika Line Trost who have played in bands since the age of 12/13 bothfounded Cobra Killer in Berlin in 1998. Since then the duo has passed various concerts and European tours. In 2002 they have been taking over Australia and New Zealand, performing at Big Day Out Festival and club shows together with Peaches. Coming back to Europe CobraKiller supported Sonic Youth on European dates. In the following years they have invited to play in New York, London and Paris – and several other places in Europe.

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Kissogram (Louisville)

When Jonas Poppe and Sebastian Dassé, born in Berlin, founded Kissogram they ve owned less than a moderate synthesizer and a eighttrack-taperecorder. The first recorded tracks felt like fast, bohemian and ironic popsongs. The band played in small illegal clubs of former „Berlin Mitte“ szene. Three tapes were given to friends one of them to painter Jim Avignon from Berlin. Jim gave it to his friend Dittmar Frohmann who worked on his small Electro/Houselabel named „blaou“. He was totally shocked of the track „If I Had Known This Before“. Consequently he released this track and another remix of DJ Woody. Actually this was the beginning.
The album is produced in april 2004 in Studio Ferber, Paris from Gonzales and Renaud Letang and also mixed by R. Letang. The tracks are partly recorded in Berlin and completed in Paris with synthesizerspoors, drums, strings and guitars. Gonzales was guest musician and the canadian singer Feist be part at „Falling Star“ and „Girl In My Shower“.

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Namosh (Bungalow/PaleMusic)

It’s official now: Namosh leaves his crowd aroused in sheer, delightful terror and ashamingly wide open eyes and mouth, not to mention each ear that he opened with his sharpened musical ice pick. Namosh’s appearances are spontaneuous outbreaks of creativity and talent. You’ll know from the start that it’s better to move to his vibe than to stand and stare. A roaring cat, a rhythm monster, a running cheetah- an animal gone even wilder. Electro, Punkrock and the Blues are Namosh’s domains. You won’t find a name for that mixture of sound, styles and music, i won’t make up one for you as well, leave that to the myriads of fascinated journalists. To give you a hint: he’s been playing with Le Tigre and could have also been stage rocking togehter with DJ Hell or Miss Kittin. Maybe Fischerspooner comes nearest to his approach of an eclectic sound. The six tracks on the Mini Album are molded into a melange of skits, sound patterns and noises that make this record a terribly real mirror of a long, exhausting club night, that leaves you entering your home in a total daze. The artwork is outstanding due to its full color print and the printed inner sleeve. You’ll find sweaty passion dripping out of every pore of the musical and graphical body of this record.

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Kate Mosh (Sinnbus)

Founded in late 1999 by Ex-Bielefeldians Micha and Thom. While of everyone else is mourning indie rock, Kate Mosh develop a repertoire. Record a demo. Play shows. The self-published EP "Flash Gulash" is released. In 2001 Kate Mosh are broadcast on Radio Fritz, a video is shot, established Berlin clubs are being played. In 2002 Solarscape’s Martin Diebel becomes the new drummer. Indie radio stations all over Germany start playing Kate Mosh songs, show outside Berlin follow. Sebastian Cleemann aka Petula enters the band, becoming the sound/ electronic/ 2nd guitar guy. The "next dec" comes in eighth in’s MP3-of-the-year charts. Kate Mosh’s intoxicating live performance helps building up a loyal fan base.

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The Nothings  

There’s no dirtier, more corrupted or so fucked up band than the NOTHINGS. Punk rock, nothing else. What else do you want? Fuck all hippie-bullshit! Get rough, mean, and cruel! Do you want high octane punk/rock’n’roll?
The NOTHINGS has it all.Spiky mix of fuzzed guitars,great danceable riffs, screaming vocals and damn good ‚in-your-face‘ lyrics.


– frontman and singer Mr.Lobotomy – a man who loves anarchy, and walks on the
wild side of life, but yet maintains a certain air of mystery. Known also as
dj Lobotomy – Master of turntables.

– mysterious guitarist David, real self-made punkrocker with a devilish look
in his eyes. he doesnt give a fuck, he gives the riffs!!! Respect!!!

– perverted, sick to the bone bassist WT Norbert aka Tony Clash – known
as secret tattoo service of White Trash.

– drummer Wolfgang Sinhart, boss of White Trash, who’s living a life of sin
and believe your lifestyle determines your deathstyle. He’s a nothing and has
nothing to say but: sin harder!

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jessie evans moved her band vanishing from san francisco to berlin. she wanted to play and live with a saxophone player. at steve morell’s pale music office jessie met bettina koester, the singer of malaria! and writer of the often remade remodelled kaltes klares wasser. both had songs of theirs on the berlin insane two compilation. koester had a spare room and jessie moved in. she wanted bettina to play saxophone again. bettina didn’t want to. jessie did not give up on the idea and six months later bettina started to play again and vanishing and her went on tour together. there they had so much fun singing and playing saxophone toghether that they decided to continue for a while.

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The Tape vs. RQM (KYO/Kitty-Yo)

Punk, Jazz, Hip Hop and electronic music, the wide range of musical influences that touched Robot Koch and Walera Goodman, were woven into something completely new and this was the birth of The Tape.
This was by no means Robot’s debut as a producer. Before The Tape he drew heat by producing his band Jahcoozi which was recognized for its Hit Single "Fish" in 2003. And it is with this lineup that he played live shows alongside artists like Aphex Twin and Airborne Audio. The basic element of that style-clash has been HipHop. Not in a conventional kind of sense but more like scratching the borders of Electronica, Post Rock und IDM.

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The Sighs

Two recognized characters of the Berlin music underground, known by their works for Atari Teenage Riot, The Crack-up Collective, Rope, White Buildings, Hardman, Girls United and the Goldmund. As a duo since summer 2004 – showcasing with Hood, Tarwater, Anne Laplantine, Like Plankton for the Elephant, Ellen Schneider, Vanishing Breed – they have soon found their very own audience. These songs, between folk elements, no-computer-electronics and sudden improvisation, have made up their own space between the stools lined-up by the zeitgeist. Always ready to go someplace else. The majority of their moments indicates music, that could be called future folk.

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