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Saturday: 13:00 until the club ends (ca. 06:00!).
Sunday: 11:00 until ca. 00:00.

Camp-site: 20:00, Friday, July 28th – 10:00, Monday, July 31st.
Berlin Festival reserves the right of admission in extreme cases.


There´s plenty of free parking and camping right next to the festival area. You can park your car next to your tent. The official car-park and camping site are only a 5 minute walk from the festival site Try not to sleep in the car due to the sun, Parking and camping is your own responsibility. Respect our nice neighbours and please don’t disturb them. Parking your car responsibly is in your own hands. There is plenty of parking available: watch for the signs!


Children under 10 are free of charge and are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult or guardian who should take care of them responsibly and sensibly: please do not leave them to play unsupervised or out of their sight or leave them in a tent or car where it may be too hot. They cannot be taken into the club after 00:00.


There will be sufficient medical treatment on the festival site to take care of serious cases. Please follow the signs in case a friend needs urgent help. You will find the medical treatment area beside the toilet building.
Diabetics: Please bring your necessary insulin with you and not just rely on food and double-check what you consume at the catering stand. Your friends should be aware of where the medical care is in case you need emergency help.
The Sun: It may be a hot, hot weekend so please bring your light clothes, sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself (free rainwear will be provided ;-)…).
Handicapped Loo: Handicapped people will be provided with a handicapped toilet which you will find adjacent to the toilet building.


There will be plenty of food stands and also taking care of our vegetarian guests.


If you want to go swimming, head to the next town, Grünewald, Brieslang or Falkensee where you can jump into the water! There is plenty of free space at the festival so if you want to bring a football, go ahead but don´t disturb your fellow festival friends. (There will be a Kicker-Küche Lounge Tournament) Es gibt sehr viel freie Rasenfläche auf dem Festivalgelände. Wer mag, kann seinen Fußball mitbringen und spielen, sofern andere Festivalbesucher dadurch nicht gestört werden.


Glass bottles, glass holders, cans, plastic bottles, tetra packaging, and drinking bottles will not be allowed to be brought into the festival site.


Professional photo, audio und video recording will not be permitted.

And there´s more…:

  • There is no bank machine in the area, so bring plenty of money for your weekend.
  • Please do not bring any fireworks or any sort of weapon. If ignored, you will be asked to leave the festival.
  • Please do not bring any dogs or other animals – for their safety and others.
  • Exchange or return of tickets is not allowed unless the festival is cancelled. Only the net amount will be returned, not the agency fees and any other costs incurred. The festival organiser retains the right to make a change to the programme due to important reasons which can not be influenced by the organisers.
  • Der Veranstalter ist nicht für verlorene und gestohlene Sachen verantwortlich.
  • Due to the sound, there may be danger to hearing so we would recommend that you bring earplugs to protect your ears.
  • Please respect the environment and use the available rubbish bins.
  • And finally: DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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