Latest News

Latest News

Our line-up is now almost complete and has been extended in recent weeks and days by the great bands Tele, Late Of The Pier, Jape (his single was already covered by the Raconteurs) and Jolly Goods (produced by the producer of the Strokes).

Tele compose catchy tunes with ingenious lyrics which get stuck in heads and make bodies dance. Whether topping the bill in packed clubs, where they always manage to break down the barrier between band and public with charming commentary; whether at festivals; or as support to Phoenix or Wir Sind Helden; the band shows how essential and enjoyable the live interpretation of their organically grown pop songs is every time. TV for the ears!

Jape’s music appears as a breeze of fresh air from Dublin. With his sense of humour, experimental stoner folk, and 8bit electronics, he has already convinced the V2 record label to sign him and the Raconteurs to cover his song ‘Floating’. We are already fans of course …

Two new bands are confirmed for the Vice Stage. One is the British Late Of The Pier, winning over members of the public who usually puke at such music with their glamorous wave pop. New Kids on the Block for the new rave generation.

Then there is also Jolly Goods, two shockingly young girls from a pocket of Bavaria who nobody has ever heard of. You know how it is – rock’n’roll is the most reliable rescue from suburban hell. This type of confident garage noise has never been made by German girls before. Or by German boys actually.