Berlin Debate 2012 – Yes, we copied too!

For the first time, an open debate is held at Berlin Festival. By addressing copyright issues, the festival organisers turn to the most important socio-cultural discussion of our times. We are looking forward to a hea- ted discussion about the value of intellectual property.


One interest group demands compliance with existing laws, others demand a complete revision of current laws. Yet, when you’re explicitly stating your opinion, outrage on the Internet is about to happen no matter what. Also professional lawyers started specialising in issuing warning letters to illegal downloaders recently. There is method to this warning letter madness which turned into a business branch of its own. This is where the Berlin Debate comes into play. Artists, politicians, downloaders and solicitors will share a stage for the first time to take part in a discussion at Berlin Festival 2012. „Yes, we copied as well!“ is a debate avoiding political uproar while trying to tackle the issue at hand: how much is our intellectual property worth?

The Berlin Debate 2012 will take place at the Berlin Music Week Stage at 4pm on 8th September.

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