Beirut: check out his new single

Beirut is back with new material. Yesterday, Zachary Francis Gordon, the mastermind behind Beirut, released the first single of his new album The Rip Tide, “East Harlem“. After his debut, Gulak Orkestar (2006), and The Flying Club Cup (2007), The Rip Tide, which is about to see its release in August, is his third studio album. Before his album is released, however, “East Harlem” is about to give you some insight into his newly found introspective in terms of music and lyrics. With his new single, Gordon presents a more uplifting side of Beirut, accompanied by magical brass arrangements, ukuleles, and hammering honky-tonk sound. As a B-side, Beirut chose the solemn and piano-laden ballad “Goshen”. Beirut will perform his new material at Berlin Festival on 10th September.

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